LRT 10th de Ramadan

3 new contracts in the Middle East and Latin America

NGE has been awarded 3 new international rail construction projects through its rail engineering subsidiary TSO.

NGE has been awarded 3 new international rail construction projects through its rail engineering subsidiary TSO

  • Egypt: construction of the new 10th of Ramadan Railway Project contract under the terms of a USD 112.5 million contract
  • Mexico: construction of the Mexico City Metro Line 12 extension under the terms of a USD 20 million contract
  • Panama: the project to extend Panama City Metro Line 2 to Tocumen International airport under the terms of a USD 9.7 million contract


In Egypt, TSO and its partner Orascom Construction have won the major contract to construct the 10th of Ramadan Railway to link Cairo with the country’s New Capital city and 10th of Ramadan City.

Acting on behalf of the NAT (National Authority for Tunnels), the China Railway / AVIC International consortium has contracted TSO and its partner to construct:

  • 66 km of twin track
  • 10 km of single track in the depot
  • 11 stations

TSO already has a presence in Egypt, having constructed phases 3 and 4B of Cairo Metro Line 3.

TSO has had an operating presence in Egypt since 1981 through its subsidiary company Egyfrail, which works alongside the national rail operator Chemins de Fer Egyptiens to provide track maintenance and upgrade services. The new 10th of Ramadan Railway project consolidates the long-term presence of TSO in Egypt, and sets a new benchmark for the NGE Group in the Middle East.


In Mexico, the Mexico City Department of Transportation has awarded TSO the contract to extend Line 12 of the Mexico City metro system as leader of the consortium that also includes two Mexican construction companies: Prodemex and Deterra. During the forecast 2½-year duration of this project, TSO will:

  • lay 4.6 km of twin track
  • build 3 stations

TSO has had an operational presence in Mexico since 2015, and employs more than 350 people here. The company is involved in many rail construction and maintenance projects throughout the country, including:

  • maintenance for Mexico City metro line 12
  • the earthworks and foundation works for the Monterrey subway depot
  • track ballast undercutting in Raynosa and new track laying in Kansas


In Panama, Metro De Panama (MPSA) has awarded TSO and partner company CIM the USD 9.7 million contract to extend Line 2 of the Panama City metro system to Tocumen International airport. Under the terms of this 28-month project contract, TSO and its partner will:

  • supply rail infrastructures
  • lay 2.7 km of track with rigid catenary